About IECG

Headquartered in the heart of Shanghai, Ithaca Education Consulting Group (IECG) is composed of a young and dynamic team where talents unite to interact, and inspire.

Dedicated to guiding young minds and alleviating the struggles experienced in deciding college majors, IECG launched its first project, Premiere Program, in 2013. Our goal is committed to providing the finest education resources to self-motivated and diligent individuals. Premiere Program meticulously tailors academic planning predominantly focused on the choice of university majors and career paths best suited to each individual’s personality, interests, and abilities. Premiere Program formulates optimized, individualized, and innovative programs amid the contribution from over 60 distinguished professors and consultants from prestigious academic institutions across the United States, notably Cornell, Stanford, Princeton, Columbia, Duke, Caltech, Wake Forest, and NYU, among others. We forge to provide our students with the greatest opportunities to develop research projects with professors, allowing them to experience and solve real-world problems. More importantly, our students ascertain the chance to learn about themselves and gain insight into a rich abundance of industries and fields.

Attributable to our unique approach to education, IECG has grown rapidly realizing steady cash flow and triple digit growth last year. Consequently, we have not sought nor accepted any venture capital offers, allowing the growth of company in the most beneficial and cultivating setting and pace. We pride ourselves in continuously growing whilst consistently keeping strongly in line with our original value and vision.

Primarily commencing with education consulting, IECG goes beyond this area with exciting new ventures in our project pipeline. As our team grows, we maintain the same focus for our services: to connect people to resources that meet their daily needs. With Premiere Program as an initial starting point, we are now equipped to develop an ecological system that includes kindergarten, career mentorship, finance investment, professor research funding program, and convalescent hospital. It is our commitment to help and guide individuals through each stage of their lives.

At IECG, we value hands-on and self-motivated team members willing to take on new challenges. Conversely, we take it upon ourselves to nurture our team members with multiple avenues of growth and opportunities through application of professional soft and hard skills, interactions with people from all walks of life, and to explore personal fulfillment. At IECG, starting with our team members, we firmly believe we can make an outsized impact on global communities together.

The mission of IECG

Solve the needs of individuals as we personally accompany them through each pivotal stage of their lives.