IECG Premiere Program Story

Dedicated to guiding young minds and alleviating the struggles experienced in deciding college majors, IECG launched its first project, Premiere Program, in 2013. Our goal is to provide the finest education resources to self-motivated and diligent individuals. Premiere Program meticulously tailors academic planning predominantly focused on the choice of university majors and career paths best suited to each individual’s personality, interests, and abilities. We strive to provide our students with the greatest opportunities to develop research projects with professors, allowing them to experience and solve real-world problems. More importantly, our students ascertain the chance to learn about themselves and gain insight into a rich abundance of industries and fields.

Professor one-to-one mentorship

IECG Premiere Program formulates optimized, individualized, and innovative programs with contributions from 93 distinguished professors from prestigious academic institutions across the United States, notably Cornell, Stanford, Princeton, Columbia, Duke, Caltech, Wake Forest, and NYU, among others. These professors’ studies cover almost all available majors in universities within the United States. Students in the Premiere Program can develop their research projects with their professors, which helps them to enrich their knowledge of interested majors.

Consultant mentorship

Our consultant team is made up of more than 10 graduates from prestigious academic institutions across the United States. Each of them have their own personal experience applying to colleges, and understand the weight such a grueling process can have on one’s shoulders. To such, they can directly relate to the college applicants in which they assist. Our consultants are interactive, and facilitate communication with every student in the program and their parents at a high frequency, at least once a week. They will inspire and guide our students in preparing themselves for the most important years of their academic careers.

Unique Application Service

Our application team consists of former Admissions Officers, consultants, and English language editors. They will assist our students during the application process, especially helping the student on institution selections, majors and interview preparation. More importantly, our application service does not distinguish between front-end and back-end. Our application team will participate in the whole process, thus helping the students to show their highlights in the application.