TEDxChanganRoad | Nine post-00s speakers with different stories, a feast of inspirations and thoughts.

On October 13, 2019, TEDxChanganRoad event was held at Xi’an Tieyi High School. Nine outstanding senior students from different schools in Xi’an shared thoughts and personal insights with a captive audience.

Their speech topics ranged from personal nutrition, to historical development and environmental protection.

How to be a healthy and happy foodie?

Ruoqi Su | Xi’an Tieyi High School

After studying her daily habits and hobbies, Ruoqi Su started thinking critically about her relationship with food. In this speech, Ruoqi revealed the importance of emotion, by analyzing easy-to-fat physique and starvation hormones. She also shared that positive emotions are the key to balancing happiness, health and food.

How to inspire the present by analyzing historical evolution?

Liwei Weng | Xi’an Tieyi High School

History surrounds each of us. Using the examples of leaders like Martin Luther and Henry Ford, Liwei traced and analyzed historical evolution and reform through a philosophical methodology. Liwei Weng also stressed the importance of combining the fields of philosophy and history, so that people may find inspiration in history.

What does education mean?

Yuhao Zhao | Xi’an Gaoxin NO.1 High School

After his two-week volunteer trip to India in 2018, where Yuhao Zhao taught at Joybells School, Yuhao was inspired to rethink the true meaning of education. In this talk, he also shared his plans for a teaching platform with his audience, calling on people from all walks of life to join together and revitalize education.

Should parents stay in an unhappy marriage for their children?

Jiahui Liu | The Middle School Attached to Northwestern Polytechnical University

For many children and parents, “divorce” is a taboo word. Jiahui Liu shared stories from her unhappy childhood, with perspectives from both her and her parents. Children are also victims of an unhappy marriage, she explained. Jiahui shared tips and perspectives to show children that they are in charge of their own happiness, giving them more control over their turbulent home lives.

The establishment of trust in student organizations

Yixin Guo | Xi’an Tieyi High School

Outstanding leadership skills play an important role in day-to-day life. Yixin Guo realized the importance of communication and trust in the leadership process through her personal experiences as president of the student union. She shared her thoughts about the formation of trust, the power of trust, and how to improve group performance.

Perfume: What’s behind its extravagant veil?

Yuhan Shi | Xi’an Gaoxin NO.1 High School

Perfume is familiar to everyone. Yuhan Shi talked about the origin of perfume, from religious sacrifice to its hierarchical movement, and revealed the new feminist ideas behind it. Yuhan also shared the science of perfume, by teaching the audience about the olfactory memory that odor brings to people. She appealed to everyone to stop at a perfume counter and appreciate the artistic qualities of perfume.

How to solve the conflicts between parents and children?

Zegeng Zhu | Xi’an Tieyi High School

Parent-child conflicts exist in every family. Zegeng Zhu began his speech by talking about teenage rebellion, and then analyzed the reasons behind it. From the child’s perspective, he encouraged parents to establish a new identity similar to a coach, so as to have better communication with children. He also mentioned his Panda T platform, which aims to help parents understand their children better.

The influence of parental education on children's psychological growth.

Caiying Yao | Xi’an Gaoxin NO.1 High School

Caiying Yao experienced the differences between Chinese education and Western education while on an exchange program in the United States of America. In this talk, she analyzed and compared different educational methods in China and America. In her opinion, there is no right or wrong between each education systems. Each education system is special in its own way but the main purpose of education remains the same: to help children become better people.

How to solve environmental issues using environmental economics?

Jiaxin Luo | Xi’an Gaoxin NO.1 High School

Environmental problems have become one of the most prominent global topics. Jiaxin Luo started her speech by reciting a list of different types of environmental pollution, and analyzed the definition of environmental economy. With support from her internship at the State Administration of Science, Technology, and Information Industry, she founded the Green Cycle Environmental Protection Club, which aims to let students use what they learn in class to design effective solutions for environmental problems.

This event, is dedicated to bringing bright, idea-driven high school students together to broaden their audience's horizons, providing an opportunity for both speakers and audience members to engage in meaningful conversations.